En del av Sevrda Svrdsjbygden

In English

Why go to the district of Svärdsjö?

Well, the answer is evident! During his journey in Dalecarlia in 1817 Carl Axel Gottlund wrote: ”Moreover, it is to be noted that Svärdsjö, because of its numerous watercourses, is supposed to be the most beautiful part of Dalecarlia.” We, who live in this rural and wooded area in the south-western part of Dalecarlia, fully agree!

Here you will find an untamed and thriving countryside, a couple of Swedish miles to the north-east of Falun, the residential town of Dalecarlia. The lively district of Svärdsjö has a proud past. The history of mining is told to anyone who follows the Road of Iron, the located mines in Vintjärn, Svartnäs and Korsån, where the visitors may experience an interesting industrial journey in the past from mine to smelting-house and smithy.

The supply of services is large and varied. In the shops at Borgärdet a diversified assortment of goods is offered as well as a professional and personal treatment. You can choose between activities such as fishing, hunting/shooting, sporting of different kinds, and walking or you can just enjoy the calm and tranquility of the countryside. The Svärdsjö-ridge, a branch off the mighty Badelunda-ridge, which runs through the region and has affected the built-up areas and the stretching of the roads of the region, has created wonderful beaches, where you can find clear waters to swim in. Cultural life is rich. Especially the local arts-and-crafts society of Svärdsjö organizes during summer activities that attract both residents in Svärdsjö and people from outside the parish with the traditional celebration of Midsummer at Gammelgården as its climax.

We who live in this region rejoice at its ”assets” and you who visit us are always sure of a welcome!

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